Gnasher Hope
We recently printed some postcards for a fantastic event called #Do1Cancer who are raising money for the Colchester Hospitals Charity. Producing some amazing pieces of street art in order to raise funds for an incredibly important cause, we just had to share their story. Over to the talented David ‘Gnasher’ Nash to tell you more. 

Hello, I’m Gnasher. I’m covered in spray paint, acrylic and emulsion and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I started painting in 1985, an eager young graffiti writer, mainly painting letters and words. Seeing artists from the growing UK graffiti movement creating characters to go alongside their letters inspired me to develop my own, hyper-real style of spray can art.

Gnasher Painting

I now paint large scale murals for a wide variety of clients including Saatchi and Saatchi, Help for Heroes and Easyjet as well as private home interior commissions, with children and teenager’s bedrooms being a popular service.

Last year I painted the first Battle Cancer Graffiti Event because my step mum had bowel cancer. Unfortunately, she was too ill to come down and see the piece I painted for her. Earlier this year she lost her life. The donations from this event are going to Colchester Hospital’s Cancer Unit, where she spent her last days. The Cancer Centre Campaign is aiming to raise money to build a centre to provide treatment and support for all cancer patients and their loved ones. This year, Do One Cancer means everything to me.

Please come down to Leake Street, Waterloo on Sunday, July 3rd to see some amazing street and graffiti artists create new pieces and raise money for Colchester Hospital’s Cancer Unit or donate to the campaign here:

Join the event and follow our progress on Instagram/Twitter @do1cancer.

David ‘Gnasher’ Nash