Thirteen year old Kathryn Fieldson used StressFreePrint to print her ‘Campfire Cook Book’. The book was created to help her raise funds for a new girl guide cabin and features some delicious recipes specially selected by Kathryn and her friends. Kathryn kindly took the time to talk to StressFreePrint about the book and her inspiration

The Campfire COokbook

When did you get into cooking?

I don’t really know when I got into cooking but when I was 7 I won a baking competition for grown-ups with a Victoria sandwich cake.

Which celebrity chefs inspire you?

My favourite chef is Jamie Oliver because he is dyslexic like me, but for baking I like Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood

Why are you fund raising for a new cabin?

We are fundraising for a new cabin because our old cabin has been there for more than 15 years and it is fallen to bits. The roof is leaking and all of our stuff is getting damaged.

How often do you camp each year?

With Guides we camp 3-4 times each year and 1-2 times with my family.

Anyone for fish fingers and custard?Which is your favourite recipe in your book?

For breakfast is eggy bread, for lunch it is soda farls but for tea it is pizza, and for pudding is fish fingers and custard.

Why should people buy your book?

I think people should buy this book because not many 13 year olds have written a cook book and because all my friends at guides have helped me with choosing the recipes. We want our favourite recipes to be shared with everyone and lots of other guides to try cooking them (especially fish fingers and custard).

To get your hands on a copy of ‘The Campfire Cook Book’, or to make a donation to the cabin fund, please email