Let’s get started! What is it that you do at StressFreePrint?

As the Customer Experience Manager my job is to make sure  that all our customers receive fantastic StressFree service. I also arrange all of the fun stuff in the office (the Christmas Do, Secret Santa, etc…) amongst many other things.


Now that’s cleared up, what 3 things can ALWAYS be found in your fridge?

Chocolate Milkshake, Bacon and Tomato Ketchup.



Great, what is the best part of working at StressFreePrint?

The people. I know it sounds like a corny answer, but the people that work here are all so passionate about what they do!


What would you say is your greatest achievement? Apart from a job at StressFreePrint of course!

I once did a ‘man v food’ challenge where I ate 10 ice-creams in 15 minutes!! That was pretty awesome.


What short motto would you say best describes your ethos?

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.


If you won £100 to spend at StressFreePrint, what product/s would you buy and why?

This is really hard because they are all so good and there is so much to choose from! I would probably go with 100 A2 posters at £99 as that deal is too good to turn down.


First thing you would buy if you won the lottery?

An executive box at Old Trafford.


Finally, what would you say makes StressFreePrint so ‘StressFree’?

Our StressFree philosophy that starts with the employees and filters down to our customers :)