As you know we always enjoy sharing your #StressFreeStories. Whether it’s talking to up and coming singer songwriters or finding out more about fantastic programmes to get people involved in arts and crafts. Today we wanted to share a different kind of story with you though. One written by best selling author and StressFreePrint regular, Milly Johnson.

It’s not so much the story within “The Barn on Half Moon Hill” that makes it so special; although this charming, witty and poignant tale is well worth it’s tiny £0.99 price tag alone. It’s more the story of WHY the book exists in the first place. As Milly Explains:

“I was one of the many who heard about a fire in Penistone in October of 2014.  A man and his two sons caught in a house fire.  The man and the youngest son Paul, aged 9 didn’t make it but the elder son Jack, aged 12 was clinging onto life, despite sustaining burns to over 60% of his body.  Jack had tried to save his brother’s life and fallen into the flames from the loft.  Jack was able to tell the police that his father had started the fire deliberately.  Jack lost his life after a week.  ‘He smiled at me, then the light just went from his eyes,’ said Claire, who didn’t move from his bedside.  Her lad died trying to save his little brother. I know that gives Claire an atom of strength to go on, to keep breathing. Read more

“I have two sons and when I heard on the news about what had happened to those two little boys I just couldn’t imagine something so horrific happening. We just hoped that Jack would pull through and Claire would have something, but it wasn’t to be. It was like reading a horror story, but it was true. Not only had she lost her children but she was still having to pay the mortgage on the house they were killed in. I just couldn’t get it out of my head. I thought this man has wanted to destroy her life and he will have done if people don’t help.

“I can’t lay tiles or anything practical like that to rebuild her house, but I can write. One of my books is set in Penistone and I often get asked to right a sequel which I never do. So I thought why not do a short story, let people download it for 99p with all the money going to Claire.”

And that’s exactly what Milly has done. All the money made by the book goes straight to Claire. The publisher and agent have waived their fees, and Milly won’t be receiving a penny from the book either. The cash goes straight to helping Claire carry on and live her life. Helping her put a roof over her head and rebuild her life piece by piece.

So this #StressFreeWeekend go out in the garden with your Kindle, download a great book and know that, as you read, you’re also helping a lovely lady who has lived through a real-life nightmare and is coming out the other side.

The ‘Barn on Half Moon Hill’ is available from the amazon kindle store at for £0.99

Read more about Claire’s story on Milly’s blog here and in the Yorkshire Post.