As part of our #MakeAnImpression campaign, we’ve touched base with some of the people who regularly order business cards from us. First up, we spoke to Kerry from Knitting For All.

Firstly, tell us a little more about Knitting For All

Knitting For All provides knitting and crafting classes for all ages including Kids Knit for children, Young People Knit for teens and Knit Night & Day for adults. I started teaching children to knit back in 2010 and it’s been such a success that I’ve now sold the rights to teach the courses to 12 franchisees who run their own Knitting For All businesses.

What makes you remember a business card?

A memorable business card is clear to read with attractive brand associated colours and images.

Do you think your business cards are memorable? Why?  

Our business cards have a lot of impact because we have spent time getting our logo and branding right.  We have chosen to keep the business card design simple and clear.  We use our Knitting For All registered trademark on one side and put contact details on the other, using the font and colours associated with the Knitting For All brand.

If a business card is memorable in design do you think you’d be more likely to remember that person/business and potentially contact them in the future?

A well designed business card shows that the person has thought about the image and reputation he or she wants to project.  If they have done this well, I would see them as professional and capable and would be more likely to contact them in the future.

Knitting For All business cards
Do you think your business cards reflect you/your business?  

Since Knitting For All provides knitting classes for all ages, our business cards have to suggest creative, woolly fun!  So using a vibrant picture of beautiful balls of wool, along with our cute Knitting For All Bear trade mark really reflects what our business is all about.  Since we also take the business side of Knitting for All very seriously (having franchised internationally), it’s also important that we project a professional image.  We think we have succeeded in this too!

Have you had any comments on your business cards from others?  

We have had positive feedback on our business cards because people like the design and colours and find them attractive and interesting.   People have even asked to have two at a time so that when they pin them up on a notice board they can have one side showing the contact details and the other showing our fun logo.

How important do you think a business card is in terms of making a good first impression?  

Making a good first impression when you’re networking or attending a meeting is vital and having a well-designed, good quality business card is an important component of that first meeting.  If the design of your card is interesting and eye-catching in some way it can provide a good topic of conversation to break the ice with someone you haven’t met before.  Not only that, but it is something the other person will take away with them and will remind them of you, your conversation and your business.